Wardware 2.0 Features & Functions

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The Wardware® app is designed to facilitate the entry of a variety of patient clinical data by nurses along with demographic and admissions data processed via an HL7 feed from the hospital’s PIMS system. Apart from the entry, display, and analysis of the patient observations data, there are numerous ward-level and site-level functions for monitoring and managing patients. Wardware 2.0 uses the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) clinical guidelines.

Due to the complexity and range of features of version 2.0, the following focusses on the most important functions only. Please use the Contact page to learn more and arrange for an online demonstration. Selected Wardware screenshots are also available.

Wardware’s lead developer Nicholas Henry of Studio Civil Code also describes the app’s development and key features in a blog post.

Wardware 2.0 will be freely available as open source via a Github repository in the near future.

Patient Functions

  • Vital Signs data entry and NEWS calculation and charting
  • NEWS alert response tracking (primary and secondary levels)
  • Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) data entry and charting
  • Oxygen device tracking
  • Height and Weight recording, BMI calculation, and charting
  • GI/Stools observation entry and Bristol Type-based diarrhoea monitoring
  • Devices (vascular, surgical, urinary, etc) logging and management
  • Fluid balance recording and display
  • Admission and bed management

Ward Functions

  • ‘Wardboard’ list of current inpatients with latest NEWS; observation frequencies and schedules
  • List of patients awaiting admission (‘Clerking Queue’)
  • List of patients needing bed (re)assignment
  • Filters for patients with diarrhoea or in isolation
  • List of GCS observations
  • NEWS Alert and Responses list for ward patients
  • List of ward patients with devices
  • List of ward users

Site Functions

  • List of inpatient wards
  • List of consultants
  • Site-wide NEWS Alerts list (based on threshhold)
  • Site-wide GCS observations list (based on threshhold)
  • Recovery Ward patient list
  • Diarrhoea patient list
  • User lists and management (admin-level users only)

Chart Functions

Wardware 2.0’s graphical charts are rendered with the Highcharts javascript charting library. Each chart features:

  • Configurable zoom levels (default 24h/72h/7d)
  • Custom date range selector
  • Scrollbar for moving through date ranges
  • Tooltip displays of observation parameters (datetime, BP, Temp, NEWS etc) for specific points
Currently NEWS, GCS, and Weight/BMI data are graphically charted. All observation data are also displayed in ‘Recent’ and ‘Historical’ tabular fashion.

Mobile Device Functions

  • Barcode scanning by hospital number (Note: depends on hardware)
  • Recovery and inpatient wards lists
  • Display of graphical charts and recent obs for each patient
  • Complete observations entry
  • Patient admission management (e.g. reassign bed)
  • NEWS alert primary & secondary response options