About Renalware

The Renalware® nephrology database system has been in constant development since 1996, when it started as a FileMaker® database application originally deployed at the King’s College Hospital Renal Unit. The FileMaker version was subsequently installed at the Royal Free Hospital and at Barts Health NHS Trust (where it is still in use).

In 2006 the Renalware system was ported from FileMaker to MySQL/PHP. Airslie is now working with renal teams from King’s, The Lister Hospital and Barts to develop a completely new Renalware 2.0 as a Rails app. After development, testing, and data migration we hope to begin to deploy the new system in late 2016.

The Renalware 2.0 development is being led by Nicholas Henry of Studio Civil Code, who was lead developer of Airslie’s Wardware 2.0 app, and his colleague Hugo Frappier.