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Airslie & King's launch Wardware 2.0

On 6th May 2015 after a year of development and testing, King’s College Hospital launched Airslie's new Wardware 2.0 across 38 adult inpatient wards. Most of these wards had been using Wardware v 1.6; the entire data migration from version 1.6 took less than an hour and total system downtime was only 3 hours.

Wardware 2.0 represents a complete recoding from MySQL/PHP (Version 1.6/1.7) to a Ruby on Rails app. Working with Montreal-based Rails developer Nicholas Henry of Studio Civil Code and Moira O'Toole’s Wardware implementation team at KCH, Airslie's new app adds increased robustness and numerous new features.

NEWS Chart display in Wardware 2.0